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User's Manual - Intro

Ole Compas is a pattern sequencer specialized for flamenco, it is an application that plays a rythmic pattern based on audio samples from real instruments, and plays them in a loop.

Each style has a rhythmic pattern made by several sounds, like a small percussion orchestra. A style is made of one or more tracks, and each tracks is associated with one sound. For example, a style por bulerías can have several tracks: one track plays the low sound of a cajon, another track plays the high sound of a cajon, a third track plays the sound of the palmas, and so on.

Each track plays its sound following a rhythmic pattern that can be edited from the application. You can also create new styles and patterns from scratch.

The rhythm depends basically on three numbers: measures, beats per measure, and subdivision. Let's explain it with an example. Suppose you want to create a pattern por bulerías. You can create such a pattern with a single measure that will be looped continuously, or you can use two or more measures if you want to add some variations. The next number we need is the beats per measure, and we know that for bulerías this number is 12. The subdivision is the number of notes that can be played per beat, if we want to use some palmas to play on beat, and other palmas to play off beat, or a contratiempo, we would need at least a subdivision of two. Roughly speaking, the subdivision is the number of notes we want to play per quarter note, if we want to be able to play sixteenth notes, the subdivision would be 4. We suggest following the tutorial to learn how to apply these concepts.