Flamenco Metronome for Android
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Ole Compas

Ole Compas is an application that plays rhythmic patterns for different flamenco styles (and not only flamenco) using sounds of real instruments.

Designed for professionals and students, Ole Compas will become an essential study, improvisation and composing tool.

Ideal for practicing guitar, dance and palmas.

Ole Compas includes a library with many percussion instruments, mainly palmas and cajon, but also many other samples that allow you to use the application for any other musical genre (jazz, rock, ...).

  • Predefined patterns for Alegrias, Bulerias, Tangos, Guajiras, and many more
  • Adjust the speed (tempo) form 40 bpm to 260 bpm
  • You can use it as a simple metronome to practice
  • Mixing desk to adjust the volume of each sound
  • You can create and modify your own patterns and styles