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User's Manual - Main Screen

This is the main screen of the Ole Compas, and this is where you will spend the most of your time.

  1. Pattern name: Shows the name of the pattern that has been loaded.
  2. Open: Show a screen with all available patterns. Click on the pattern that you want to open.
  3. Tempo. This section allows you to change the speed (tempo) when playing. The tempo is shown in beats-per-minute units (bpm). To change the tempo you can use the volume slider, but on some devices it's hard to get a specific position on the slider, so for small increments you can use any of the four buttons.
  4. Volume. This slider allows you to change the volume of the whole pattern. You can get the same results by using the hardware volume buttons that are provided with many devices.
  5. Play / Stop: Allows you to play or stop the audio.
  6. Save: Saves any changes you have made to the currently loaded pattern. This button is visible only when there are unsaved changes.
  7. Pattern Properties: Opens a screen where you can edit the Pattern Properties: name, comment, and the basic numbers that define the rhythmic pattern.
  8. Mixer: Opens the Mixer, where you add or delete tracks, and change the individual volume for each track.
  9. Pattern Editor: Opens a the Pattern Editor.